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Vibromassage – your way to health

News from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

September 16-22, 2010 Vol.10 #720

The beneficial effect of massage for human body is well known. But, probably, not everyone knows what a vibromassage actually is.

Doctor of Medicine Alex Nemchenko, who treats patients at the medical center “Vibromed”, has been engaged in the development and popularization of vibromassage for many years.

Vibration is used for therapeutic purposes and it stimulates circulation of blood, improves muscle tone, gives elasticity to tissues, strengthens flabby skin, stimulates the process of its renewal, returns its flexibility and elasticity and improves the color. During the years of research (over 40 years!) doctor Nemchenko concluded that the degree of reaction of the body to vibration depends on the frequency of vibration. Frequencies that correspond to certain groups of muscles and organs were found in an experimental way. Knowledge of these values helps to conduct targeted vibro-stimulation, increasing blood flow more than 1000 times. Improved circulation means that the body is intensely supplied with vital components that are contained in blood, including oxygen. At the same time vibromassage stimulates the activities of the lymphatic system, which absorbs and removes harmful decay products from the body. Acceleration of lymph flow contributes to a better cleansing of the body from harmful substances. All of this significantly strengthens the immune system, allowing the body to withstand all kinds of infections and diseases.

Vibromassage mobilizes the digestive system, stimulating the processes of food assimilation and slag removal. The production of hormones increases, which is especially important for asthmatics and diabetics. Stones in the kidneys and gall bladder become amenable to grinding.

Vibrotherapy is successfully used in the treatment of asthma, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthritis, gynecological diseases, hypertension and eye diseases.

Vibromassage is an ideal means to accelerate the healing after fractures. Many famous athletes, including Olympic champions, have turned to doctor Nemchenko for help to quickly rehabilitate after an injury.

Nowadays, when physical work is reduced to a minimum, the problem of shortage of muscle activity becomes acute and leads to the deterioration of capacity for work. “Vibromed” also provides treatment to people who spend much time on the computer, but do not forget about the need to maintain good physical shape.

At this time, the inventions of Dr. Nemchenko in vibromassage sphere, such as devices for vibrotherapy, cosmetics and sports medicine (patent number 12937 and number 12714 of the Republic of Latvia) do not have any analogue in the world. These devices can smoothly adjust the frequency of vibration from 0 to 600 Hz, amplitude from 0.1 to 4 mm and acceleration from 0 to 300G. In addition, they are capable of affecting muscle fibers perpendicularly and longitudinally. The devices have low weight - from 200 to 850 grams; Power consumption on AC and DC - from 50 to 200 W and more. Vibromassage devices have a triple electro and sound protection. According to the international standards, balanced head of moving mechanisms has built-in compensators, which protect the hands of the masseur from constant vibrations. The vibromassage device comes with a large set (about 10 pieces) of easily replaceable vibro-tods designed to solve a particular problem in medicine, cosmetics and sports.

For more information on purchasing and working with the device, you can contact Dr. Nemchenko:
+371 29742704

Čaka street 80, (3 floor) Riga, Latvia

+371 29742704