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General indications for the use of vibromassage and acupressure.

Diseases of the nervous system (radicular and myotonic syndrome in the spinal column caused by injury, infection, neuritis, peripheral nerve injury):

- Nervous exhaustion, fatigue;
- Nervous excitement, irritability, insomnia;
- Stimulating the nervous system of the elderly

Diseases of musculoskeletal system (infectious, non-specific and degenerative-dystrophic):

- Arthritis;
- Podagra;
- Calcaneal spur;
- Rupture and sprain of muscles, tendons, broken bones.

Respiratory diseases:

- Catarrh of the upper respiratory tract infections;
- Acute, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, asthma.

Gastro-intestinal tract:

- Chronic gastritis;
- Dyskinesia of gall-bladder;
- Cholelithiasis;
- Chronic cholecystitis;
- Dyskinetic constipation;
- Peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;
- Constipation associated with intestinal atony;
- Intestinal cramps and meteorism;
- Chronic spastic colitis

Gynecological diseases:

- Inflammation of the appendages;
- Breast diseases;
- Myoma, cyst, fibroma;
- Treatment of infertility in women.

Diseases of the sexual sphere:

- Prostatitis and prostate adenoma;
- Impotence.

Urinary system:

- Chronic pyelonephritis;
- Urolithiasis;
- Urethritis, cystitis, enuresis.

Central nervous system diseases:

- Headaches, insomnia, nervous disorders.

Eye diseases:

- Glaucoma (reduced pressure);
- Reduced visual acuity;
- Eye fatigue.

Otolaryngological diseases:

- Rhinitis;
- Aposmia, hyposmia;
- Otitis;
- Disorder of voice phonation;
- Tuberculosis of larynx.

Immune system:

- Toning and enhancing influence on immune resistance of the organism;
- Mental, physical exhaustion and sexual impotence.

Cardiovascular system:

- Hypertension;
- Atherosclerosis;
- Varicose veins;
- Angina.    


- Premature loss of hair;
- Restoration of hair growth.

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