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Vibromassage is more effective than ordinary «hand» facial (which affects the epiphases of skin only) massage, because operates at deep level, compelling muscles to grow short. With his help it is possible to do piling, undercutting, to form the necessary oval of person and even to correct the form of nose (for example, to clean curvature). A skin after procedures becomes resilient and elastic, its color gets better, a capillary net disappears, but a natural blush appears. It is explained it is simple: vibromassager softens collogen fibres, being under a>

Nervous exhaustion
Nervous excitement
Rupture and sprain of muscles
Chronic gastritis
Dyskinesia of gall-bladder
Chronic cholecystitis
Dyskinetic constipation
Inflammation of the appendages
Breast diseases
Treatment of infertility in women
Prostatitis and prostate adenoma

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