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Effect of vibromassage on human’s organs and systems

News from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

September 30- October 6, 2010 Vol.10 #722

The effect of vibration has long been recognized among the therapists and beauticians. The parameters of exposure under which you can achieve the most pronounced physiological effect were identified through research.

Vibromassage is an influence on the tissue using a device. The attachment of the device transmits vibrations to the part of the body it touches. The vibration spreads from the skin to the tissues lying beneath it. Thus, blood and lymph circulation improves and the body receives a general tonic effect. Doctor of Medicine Alex Nemchenko, who treats patients at the medical center “Vibromed”, has been engaged in the development and popularization of vibromassage for almost 40 years. His accumulated experience allows him to fight effectively for health and beauty.

The reaction of nerves to the vibration

Skin nerve receptors are the first to react to the vibration. Reflex reactions occur in the nervous system in response to their stimulation. Under the effect of vibration, the processes in the cerebral cortex amplify or weaken, depending on the amplitude and frequency. Weak amplitude and frequency variations increase the excitability of the damaged nerves (in cases of cuts or paralysis), vibration of medium intensity enhances the excitement, strong vibrations reduce the excitability of nerve fibers (neuralgia, cramps).

Vibration and skin

During a vibromassage dead skin flakes of the epidermis are removed, blood vessels dilate, at the same time you feel that your skin gets warmer due to the inflow of warmer blood from the deep muscle layers. This also improves the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands, the skin becomes pink and supple. Even deep wrinkles smooth out on the face and neck, edemas under the eyes disappear, and the tone of the muscles of eyes, eyelids and mouth improves. Vibromassage allows you to actively restore the cellulite areas on the thighs, abdomen, etc., as well as to get rid of obesity and scar tissues.

Influence on muscles

Vibromassage causes contractions of muscle fibers and changes in their cells. Reserve capillaries begin to function in the muscles, which receive additional amount of blood and, hence, oxygen. Flexibility and efficiency of the muscles increases, which contributes to the reduction and disappearance of edemas.

Vibration and lymphatic drainage

Exposure to vibration allows providing an active lymph drainage and increased local circulation due to the transfer of vibrational momentum to the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Fluctuations in the vessel wall increase the tone of the vessel as a whole, accelerate the flow of blood and lymph, and as the result of acceleration of lymph flow, the viscosity of the lymph changes, which activates the drainage of tissues.
This way vibrotherapy successfully fights hypertension, diabetes, asthma, osteochondrosis, sexual disorders, also it is effective treatment for many diseases affecting women - fibroids, cysts, mastitis. Over 300 ailments can be treated with this method.

At this time, the inventions of Dr. Nemchenko in vibromassage sphere, such as devices for vibrotherapy, cosmetics and sports medicine (patent number 12937 and number 12714 of the Republic of Latvia) do not have any analogue in the world. These devices can smoothly adjust the frequency of vibration from 0 to 600 Hz, amplitude from 0.1 to 4 mm and acceleration from 0 to 300G. In addition, they are capable of affecting muscle fibers perpendicularly and longitudinally. The devices have low weight – from 200 to 850 grams; Power consumption on AC and DC - from 50 to 200 W and more. Vibromassage devices have a triple electro and sound protection. According to the international standards, balanced head of moving mechanisms has built-in compensators, which protect the hands of the masseur from constant vibrations. The vibromassage device comes with a large set (about 10 pieces) of easily replaceable vibro-tods designed to solve a particular problem in medicine, cosmetics and sports. Dr. Nemchenko devices can also be used at home.

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