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•  General contraindications to physical therapy (acute infectious diseases, blood diseases, bleeding diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation, liver and kidney disease in the stage of decompensation, hypertensive crises states, mental disorders)
•  Malignant neoplasms
•  Thrombophlebitis
•  Pregnancy
•  Vibration disease
•  Raynaud's disease
•  Pronounced atherosclerosis
•  Purulent processes
•  Active tuberculosis
•  Acute inflammation
•  Strongly pronounced tenderness in the impact zone
•  Fresh injuries and diseases of the locomotor apparatus in the acute period
•  Infections and fungal skin lesions
•  Pacemaker
•  Implants, knee and hip joints (the zone of implants)
•  Pathology of disc spine (on segmental area)
•  Epilepsy

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