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Clinical tests of concussors were carried out in different medical centers and research institutes in Russia, Latvia and other countries. The tesst were conducted by professionals from medical clinics such as:

- N.I. Pirogov National Medical Surgical Center, Ministry of Health of Russia, Moscow 2005
- Kirov Military Medical Academy, Russia, St. Petersburg, 2005
- Russian State Medical University, 2005
- Kursk State Medical University, 2003

Moscow Research Institute of Ear, Nose and Throat (Director - prof. A. Kryukov) Ministry of Health of Russia, June 2001

Tomsk Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy Ministry of Health of USSR, 1974

Folloing the tests, it was found that vibrotherapy has positive effect in the treatment of various diseases. For example, the following study was conducted in the Tomsk Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy in 1967.

The object of observation: 114 asthmatic patients (88 women and 32 men) aged 30 to 50 years. 60 people had a mild form of the disease, moderate - 46, severe - 8.

The patients were divided into 3 groups: 1st - 31 people, 2nd - 26 people, and 3rd-57 people.

Influence: 1st group - vibrating bath apparatus "Wave" at the oscillation frequency of 100 Hz, 10-15 min, 10-12 procedures. Group 2 - vibration massage of the adrenal with a concussor called "EMA" at 100 Hz, amplitude 0.5 mm for 10-15 minutes, 10-12 procedures. Group 3 - vibromassage in combination with electrophoresis solution of mud on the chest.

Evaluation of the effectiveness: assessing the dynamics of the major symptoms, external respiration (respiratory rate, vital capacity, MLV, the additional air, breathing reserve etc.), clinical blood tests (effect of treatment on the inflammatory process)

Results: The efficiency in treating only with the vibration (1st and 2 nd group): significant improvement - 12.3%, improvement - 75.3%, slight improvement – 5.3%, no change -5.3% and deterioration - 1.8%. 3rd group: significant improvement - 15,8%, improvement - 77,2%, a slight improvement - 5.2%, no change - 1.8%. The negative effect was observed in patients with severe asthma. A positive result remained on average for 10.7 months in groups 1 and 2, and for 7.2 months - in Group 3.


The impact of mechanical low frequency vibrations on the region of the adrenal is effective and feasible in asthmatic patients with mild to moderate disease. In cases of asthma in severe form this method is not recommended.
Clinical tests in other medical institutions have shown a positive impact of vibrotherapy on such diseases as:
1. diseases of the nervous system (radicular and myotonic syndrome in the spinal column caused by injury, infection, neuritis, peripheral nerve injury):
2. diseases of musculoskeletal system (infectious, non-specific and degenerative-dystrophic);
3. respiratory diseases;
4. gastro-intestinal tract diseases;
5. gynecological diseases;
6. diseases of the sexual sphere;
7. urinary system diseases;
8. central nervous system diseases;
9. eye diseases;
10. otolaryngological diseases;
11. immune system diseases;
12. cardiovascular system diseases;
13. dermatological diseases.

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