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Vibromassage can be conducted with labile and stable methods. Labile technique lies in the fact that the vibrotod constantly moves without leaving the skin of the massage area, mainly along the course of lymph flow, i.e. to the nearest lymph nodes. In the stable technique the vibratod is located in the same place for 3 seconds or more (up to several minutes). The main options of vibrotod positions are as follows: vertical-horizontal and vertical-horizontal in relation to the massaged areas.

Vibromassage techniques differ by the form of motion as follows:

1) rectilinear - the movement is made strictly in a straight line along the massage area and mainly along the course of lymph flow (Pic. a), the pressure exerted by the hand on the vibrotod, in this case is at minimum, the vibrations are spread on the skin and subcutaneous tissue (simulated manual method - "stroking ");

2) zigzag (Pic. b) - the hand holding the vibratod is additionally moving from side to side;

3) spiral (Pic. c) – the pressure on the vibratod may be of moderate strength (2-4 kg), when the vibrations are applied to the skin and muscles (imitation of manual method - "rubbing") and heavy (up to 9 kgs) – the vibration penetrates through all tissues to the bones (an imitation of manual method - "fulling");

4) circular - are used mostly in some local areas to eliminate the hypertonicity of the muscles (Pic. d);

5) lineal – are made with 3 - 2 movements back and forth (Pic. e);

6) cross - are used to massage large areas: the back and the back surface of the lower extremities (Fig. f).

Pic .. Options of movements of hardware attachments.

a - rectilinear, b - zigzag; c - spiral d - circular, e - lineal f - cross.

Vibromassage can be performed daily, every second day or 2-3 days in a row, followed by a one-day break. Optimal time for exposure on one area is from 3 to 5 minutes. Number of sessions of massage is determined individually and depends on the overall state of the body and its response to the vibration (usually 10-15 sessions).

When pressing the vibrotods to massed surface with a force 0,2-1,0 kg and moving them with a speed of 3 - 4 cm /s, the hand stroking technique is simulated. When pressing with a force of 2-4 kg and the speed of 5-10 cm /s, grinding is simulated, and with a force of 9.5 kg and a speed of 2-3 cm /s - kneading.

During general massage on areas of the body such a sequence is recommended: spine, including the collar region (3 min), lower back and buttocks (2 min), thigh (3 min) and tibia (2 min) of one extremity, then another, the front surface of one lower extremity from the bottom up (4 min), then the other, breast (1 min), one upper extremity from the top down (3 min), then another. The general massage session ends with a massage of the abdomen.


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